Tribute to Jeff Buckley

Mississippi Swimmers

On November 17, 2016 Jeff Buckley would turn 50. At least, if the Mississippi didn't decide otherwise. Meanwhile it's already 20 years since the charismatic, 100% naturelle, sometimes reckless kicks-seeking and instinct-trailing player decided on a hot summer day end May 97 to seek refreshment in America's most liquid myth. Would you honor him? You do not need much more than the “Mississippi Swimmers” for that.

Four musical allies pay homage to the singing angel with faithful and recognizable versions of his known and lesser known songs. Miraculous things happen when frontman Pieter Peirsman starts to sing. Backed by an accompanying band who fits him as a flannel lumberjack shirt, the singer meanders between Buckley's ecstatic roar and religious murmur, and the “Swimmers” evokes you emotion, chills and a gaping mouth.

The “Mississippi Swimmers” captures the essence of Buckley's greatest moments and gives, as close like no other, man's authentic observation of painful love. Whoever closes his eyes, is waiting a happy reunion with a beacon of the wild nineties; a tribute to one of the most inspiring and immersive live acts from his era, when grunge, and all of what derived from it, dominated in a noisily manner the stages.

The Mississippi Swimmers are not the latest sensation from the endless catalog of tribute bands. They only want to rebring, for a brief moment, the soul and the voice of the master back to life. For the countless fans that he left orphaned and whom might never have had the chance to see him perform live.

(*) Mississippi Swimmers was established as an occasional band for an annual event, held in a barn in Melsele, where local artists pay tribute to one of their musical heroes, “Kill Your Darlings”. The magic of the concert and the overwhelming response from the audience, brought them to the bold plan to sparingly repeat this tribute in venues where the late singer in life itself probably would have been happy.



Pieter Peirsman: vocals, guitar (Slow Pilot, Hooverphonic, Walrus)
Maarten Van Mieghem: bass, backing vocals (Slow Pilot, Yevgueni, Walrus, Mira)
Toon De Coninck: guitar
Chris Verhaegen: drums


Rider on request

Upcoming Gigs

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Gazet Van Antwerpen

"Een tribute band uit Melsele die het werk van de Amerikaanse singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley verbazend sterk weet neer te zetten en de toeschouwer met een milde vorm van idolatrie achterlaat."

De Morgen

"We werden omvergeblazen door zangergitarist Pieter Peirsman die de aandacht moeiteloos naar zich toe zoog."



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