Balkan, Klezmer, Jazz Manouche

Les Cerveaux Lents

Since coming together in 2002, the members of Les Cerveaux Lents have shared the same passion for klezmer and gypsy music. As each one of them also cultivates other major musical interests, the activities of this particular group have tended to take second place to other larger projects, as evidenced by the considerable successes of Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre, for example.

Through it all, Les Cerveaux Lents (’the slow brains’) simply keep calm and carry on, delighting in this moment of reprieve and appreciating the whiff of fresh musical air. Veteran performers, the group regularly plays in cafés, at weddings and even funerals, creating an atmosphere that runs the gamut from intimate nostalgia to stirring rhythms punctuated with improvisation. So it is only now that Les Cerveaux Lents – in no particular hurry – are bringing out their first album ’Heiß und fürchterlich’ with a repertoire of their own compositions.

Following the spirit of Va Fan Fahre, it was Michael De Schryver setting the outlines towards a musical journey lacing klezmer with influences from other world music genres. The compositions of Les Cerveaux Lents therefore tread paths from Jewish-Arab to Ethiopian sounds. A hint of jazz was added by guitarist Eduardo Vega. His compositions bring an atmosphere where Django Reinhardt meets Dave Tarras and C.W. Stoneking climbs Masada.

The final result is a fresh, modern, yet authentic and varied album. ‘Heiß und fürchterlich’ is a record that without a doubt will appeal to an audience broader than the average diehard klezmer fan. It is packed with catchy tunes and infectious rythms, nestling into the ear, and inviting you to shake a leg...



Michael De Schryver: accordion (Va Fan Fahre)
Adriaan Verwée: clarinet (Va Fan Fahre)
Renaud Ghilbert: violin (Absynthe Minded)
Sergej Van Bouwel: double bass (Absynthe Minded)
Eduardo Vega: guitar (Va Fan Fahre)
Jakob Nachtergaele: drums (Absynthe Minded)


Rider on request

Upcoming Gigs

01 Dec 2017
VUB, Brussel







René van Peer
about Heiß Und fürchterlich, Gonzo Circus

"Merkwaardig samengeraapt brouwsel, de muziek van Les Cerveaux Lents op ‘Heiß Und fürchterlich’. Dit sextet rond accordeonist Michael De Schryver (bekend van Va Fan Fahre) gooit elementen van klezmer en gipsyjazz bijeen, laat ze goed borrelen, blijft flink roeren en serveert ze in steeds wisselende verhoudingen. Je hoort zelfs sprankjes tango in de muziek verscholen zitten. De heren weten van wanten. Ze kennen hun zaakjes, weten hun weg in de verschillende stijlen, zijn uitstekend op elkaar ingespeeld. De arrangementen zijn kundig en listig gemaakt.”



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