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07 Nov 2023


Without vocals MOTOR!K releases a dynamic that grows completely out of the three protagonist speedy ensemble into pulsating hypnotic beats at it's best!


20 Mar 2020

Muziekvereniging De Clingse Bossen

They sound like the unruly misstress of Madensuyu, love to experiment and label themselves as an association, but are only a duo. From instrumental Mike Patton-esque vibes, to Mogwai-like structures, paired with a playfulness akin to De Portables, over a strong Kraut-pulse of Kosmische Musik.


11 Mar 2019

Simon Wright (AUS)

Simon is a loopstation artist, with no more than his voice, guitar, percussion and loopstation he makes sizzling danceable hip-hop and ridiculous insane soul. In his home country his eponymous "Simon Wright Band" was quite booming before his departure.


09 Mar 2019

Andy V (AUS)

Skilled as jazz drummer, saxophonist, keyboardist and vocalist. Right hand man to independant superstar Dub FX. Now with his very own unique show inspired by reggae, dub, drum and bass, latin and jazzy grooves.


11 Oct 2018

The Valerie Solanas

With a boundless imagination, The Valerie Solanas have been able to build bridges between the most incompatible music genres for years. Think Frank Sinatra, Nick Cave, Jethro Tull, The Doors, just to name a few. A unique band that is teeming with creative eclectic outbursts and literary references. Live, visual artist Bert Lezy, depicts the subject of the lyrics on a big screen.


05 Oct 2018

Eli Goffa supports Paul Weller at a sold out Depot!

When you have the audience, who finally did not ask for you, singing along and you receive a really warm applause afterwards, one can say the support-act is been successful.

Read all about Eli Goffa here...

19 Feb 2018

Slow Pilot

The band around Pieter Peirsman, the first male live singer of Hooverphonic, full-time hyperkinetic and musical splinter bomb, loaded with highly flammable song material. His nose for good melodies and powerful hooks impressed K's Choice and Jef Neve who promptly took him along the Radio 1 sessions and Café Corsari. As a vocal acrobat with supple chords he swings on the trapezes between Buckley, Cornell, McCartney and Neil Hannon. Peirsman played on almost all major stages from AB in Brussels to Paradiso in Amsterdam. Sooner or later this Slow Pilot will catch up with you.


12 Feb 2018

The Wild Century

Harmonic basses, mantric rhythms and ethereal grooves in a sitar-tuned cosmic dimension. Welcome to our odyssey. This is The Wild Century.


23 Dec 2017

Eli Goffa "Written In the Stars" out now on The Human Records!

On December 23rd 2017, the long-awaited record of Eli Goffa was released. The full band introduced the newborn with a release show in the Stadsschouwburg of Sint-Niklaas.

You can buy the album here!

11 Oct 2017

Het Depot recruits Eli Goffa as Artist in Residence!

Eli Goffa received the key of Het Depot's front door. Het Depot confirms hereby its trust in Eli Goffa as an artist. And so did we!

Read all about Eli Goffa...

01 Oct 2017

2 Meter Sessies with Tigre Blanco

For 2 Meter Session number #1592, Jan Douwe Kroeske invited Tigre Blanco. Shooting location was the home of the Tigers, the well known rock'n'roll Blue Collar Theater in Eindhoven.

Listen to the session here...

28 Sep 2017

Meet Steven Troch Band!

Hohner endorser Steven Troch is a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of some, sings like he means it, blows a badass harmonica and writes his own songs. Steven has amazed critics and audiences alike with his straight-ahead music and he's been noted for his own interpretations of blues material. Steven Troch Band is a solid 4 piece band that plays rough-edged traditional blues invested with soul-baring conviction.

16 Jun 2017

Meet Twan van Gerven!

Zappanian Jazz Fusion, strange rhythms, various scales, legato licks fast as water: shredlord Twan van Gerven shakes it all effortlessly out of his fingers. Awarded as Best Guitarist of the Netherlands in 2004. Now he brings his own work, Dutch X-Ing & Junk Dilemma, his own albums that give him nominations in the category best jazz/fusion/world guitarist Benelux.


21 Apr 2017

Eli Goffa support act Frances!

Sometimes dreams come true, Eli Goffa plays support for "Don't worry about me"-Frances in the Ancienne Belgique...

Read all about Eli Goffa...

09 Mar 2017

Meet Roza Parks!

We have a new band in the roster, Roza Parks, a dark 80's New Wave band, and yet this cheers us up. Because Roza Parks makes great music, has a nice tracklist and a great deal of potential. Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) is also convinced, he controlled the buttons of their first album 'Eleven is Nine' and their recently released EP 'Sound of a City' whose cover can be hung instantly on the wall. Also Stijn Meuris is a fan and took the band with him as support.


08 Mar 2017

Meet The Whereabouts of J. Albert!

Not only the mysterious name triggers, the music certainly does too. The Whereabouts of J. Albert serve smoky rock that ranges between rootsy blues and indie, helmsman Joeri Dobbeleir's voice is a warm bass cabinet that holds somewhere between Leonard Cohen and Mark Lanegan.


27 Feb 2017

Meet Doylu!

Move over Tinariwen, Vieux Farka Touré & Boubacar Traoré, here comes Doylu. Desert blues from Sint Niklaas. Flavoured with Western pop rock, this exciting cross pollination with Senegalese roots becomes a unique party which will quickly distinguish itself.

06 Feb 2017

Meet Brooklyn!

Brooklyn combines influences from bands like Chvrches, SX, Oscar and the Wolf with a healthy dose of 80's. On top of the deep pseudo-electronic bass lines, atmospheric synth lines and a carefully selected presence of guitars creates a 'wall of sound'.


03 Jan 2017

Meet Year In The Wild!

A five-piece collective born and raised in the city of Sint-Niklaas, fronted by a charismatic preacher Shaun Van Steen who has already been on several musical adventures. While all of the members were spreading their musical attainments with different bands, Shaun was breeding a new and exciting concept, with which he has mounted several stages by now. Intense strumming, no nonsense rock'n'roll or heart-rending blues music: Year In The Wild can't be pigeonholed.


02 Nov 2016

Meet Bratzlavsky!

French from Ghent? Ça existe! Bratzlavsky is French pop-rock. At times very soft or very hard. Hard lyrics on soft melodies and vice versa, many double entendres, humour and strange moods...

29 Oct 2016

Eli Goffa plays support for Hooverphonic!

Also Hooverphonic and Tom Helsen chooses Eli Goffa as support act for their show, a choice they did not regret.

Read all about Eli Goffa...

04 Apr 2016

Eli Goffa is support act for the new Bent Van Looy tour!

Mark your calendars for Pyjama Days, the new tour of Bent Van Looy. April 13th De Roma, April 14th Ancienne Belgique & April 15th Handelsbeurs. If that ain't off the hook, I don't know what is!

Read all about Eli Goffa...

08 Mar 2016

Meet Eli Goffa!

Eli Goffa, aka Elie De Prijcker, is a new project from this long-time habitué of The Human. Sweet Americana, roots & soul and a voice... Man, what a voice... Worn sounds and terrific song-writing is the recipe for this magnificent band. This is where words leave off and Eli Goffa takes over.


18 Nov 2015

Meet Les Cerveaux Lents!

This brain sextet from Ghent with musicians from Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre cherishes a passion for klezmer and gypsy music. Les Cerveaux Lents treads musical territory of Jewish sounds and other world music to a dash of jazz and own work.


21 Oct 2015

Meet Mississippi Swimmers!

Four musical allies pay homage to the singing angel with faithful and recognizable versions of Jeff Buckley's known and lesser known songs. The “Mississippi Swimmers” captures the essence of Buckley's greatest moments and gives, as close like no other, man's authentic observation of painful love.


22 Sep 2015

Don't find what you're looking for?

Go have a look at our colleagues from Twinstreet Bookings. Belgium's number 1 authority in roots music, their roster is cool as fuck. Ian Siegal, The Paladins, Fifty Foot Combo, Boogie Beasts, The Baboons, to name a few! "The best in Roots this side of the Atlantic" as they claim. That's not even exaggerated...

Take me to Twinstreet...

04 May 2015

Meet Black Jaguar Club!

Timeless quality, regardless of all the hypes, no trends, no magical wood nymphs. Dreamy sleaze rock with built-in headbutt-snooze function. Goal: Southern France - Villa Nellcote...

28 Jan 2015

Meet Tigre Blanco!

Wistful Americana and typical Calexico sounds are no longer reserved for sweaty Americans on the Mexican border! Tigre Blanco makes sweltering songs, where americana, film music and soul are forming an alliance. Music that sounds like the soundtrack of a new ‘paella-western’ from Tarantino: dark gypsy soul with a raw twist.


21 Jan 2015

Meet Elie De Prijcker!

Blessed with a voice and guitar skills that could reform the devil, frontman Elie De Prijcker launched, next to Band Of Eli, a number of side projects to meet the growing demands of the most different venues. From a solid power trio to intimate living room concerts, a tailormade repertoire as a duo or a fantastic theater show with bluesy vibes and warmhearted soul. Assisted by the crew of Sint-Niklaas - and also backbone of Elie's excellent songs - De Prijcker brings a show where humor and fair unpretentious music plays the lead role. Elegant purity, but with a raw side which will slap you a nosebleed without mercy.

20 Oct 2014

Suburb Songs presents "Long Run Of Levitation"

Suburb Songs proudly presents their first newborn "Long Run Of Levitation" with a CD Release show on October 30th 2014 at De Casino in Sint-Niklaas. From Cave to Cohen: This is blue music for the wide nocturnal alleys of our hideous cities and abandoned stations of public transport, blues for lost souls, tunes of comfort, resignation and togetherness, but also alienation and detachment. Long live Suburb Songs!

25 Aug 2014

Meet Def Americans!

Yep, a Johnny Cash tribute band. But not your everyday Johnny Cash tribute band. This band from Eindhoven is so good they actually deserve themselves a tribute band.The tone of voice of frontman Elco seems frighteningly close to the timbre and range of The Man in Black. Not to the mention the musicians who play diligently in the service of this romantic outlaw. And as a Cash show befits, the assistance of the wonderful Kim aka June Carter is more than appreciated.


24 Jul 2014

Meet Marockin’ Brass ft. Byron Wallen!

A dialogue between the sublime section of jazz's finest virtuosi with Moroccan Gnawa masters. The improvisation language is slashing. The rhythm section is ruthless. This band propels the groove from the deepest spot and infects you with a straightforward energy. Generous and beyond measure... Jazz with a sandy touch!


25 Jun 2014

Meet The Father, The Son And The Holy Simon!

Father, son (really!) and Simon form an excellent rock band with a delicious blend of Deep Purple (thank you father!), Jack White and Led Zeppelin. Young meets old. 10 years they already exist, with more than 200 gigs in their honors. Far from being weared out and 200% ready to bring you a set of energetic rock'n'roll!

02 Jun 2014

Meet Wilderwolves!

What's going on in the head of Rob Eelen, the DIY space cowboy? Have a listen and find his thoughts and conversations. Move on if you're looking for insane mindfucks, only beautiful sober and honest impressions converted into sounds for your easy listening pleasure. If God had a playlist, this would be on it.

15 May 2014

The Dump Brothers CD Release!

The Dump Brothers proudly presents their fourth newborn "Rabbit Chase" with a CD Release show on May 31st 2014 at JC Den Eglantier in Berchem.
15 May 2014

ZuleMax CD Release!

The guerrilleras from ZuleMax are also releasing their first CD "llegó". Rendez-vous at Brussels Jazz Marathon on May 24th! Grote Markt/Grand Place, 21:00 sharp!
22 Feb 2014

The Dump Brothers all week on Radio 1!

Dump Bro' frontman Oliver & drummer Erno appeared as guests in "Allez, Allez" radio show on Radio 1! They've been invited to tell a bit more about The Dump Brothers for they have been selected as of the week. You can relisten the sympathetic "Allez, Allez" interview here on the website of Radio1.

Watch the video of "Bird" here, a harbinger of what is yet to come! Their new record 'Rabbit Chase' is expected to be released round April.

If you eager for more, you can find some tracks of Rabbit Chase on and don't keep that to yourself ;-)

Trust a Human, play it!

20 Dec 2013

Meet Generation Dallas!

A leading lady, with late great Janis Joplin's voice, chaperoned by four musical bulldozers on natural LSD bringing you sweet & buttery soulrock from a time when love was free and batic tees were the latest trend in fashion. Leave your ship on the ground cause things can go psychedelic...

25 Nov 2013

Band Of Eli live on Classic21 Blues Café radioshow.

"Voici un groupe très prometteur" as Francis Delvaux, Classic21 radio host, put it. Headlining a 40' set, Band Of Eli sure impressed the French-speaking Community!

Video or it didn't happen! Allright, you can watch Irene here and Emma's room here.

06 Nov 2013

Meet Sons of Lioth!

Driven by their common preference, the rather solid musical genre, these five Flemish country boys united in Heavy Metal formation Sons of Lioth, a happy marriage between the music of ACDC, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Lioth is the ultimate ruler of a fantasy world in which they’ve imposed the role of chosen sons of their Supreme God upon themselves. Their mission: to prepare the world for his impending arrival!
Horns up!

13 Oct 2013

Meet Band Of Eli!

It took The Human months of extortion & intimidation, finally they succumbed, here is the new Alvin Lee, the local version of Joe Bonamassa; Elie De Prijcker, Steven Hebb en Joris De Bock are Band of Eli! Expect the dirtiest bluesrock & sturdiest rockblues, knee drops, backguitar, an occasional Jimi Hendrix and a gifted voice. Grease up your gearboxes, these guys go warp speed.

19 Sep 2013

Meet Potingue!

One of the meanings of the Spanish word Potingue is brew. In this case, it is an amalgam of musical tastes. Bossa, blues, latin and jazz are some of the ingredients that make up the brew Potingue. We should invent a name for it, but apart for The Human i invented lesser names than there is oxygen in space...

07 Aug 2013

Meet Time=Tight!

Time=Tight plays and respectfully pays tribute to the high energy New Orleans funk of The Meters, the hardcore party sixties soul of Booker T & The MG’s, and the deep soul and the blistering energy of Al Green, Isley Brothers, Chakachas and relatives. Come & cook in our Melting Pot...

26 Jun 2013

Suburb Songs on Daniel Johnston tribute album.

Suburb Songs are featuring on the Daniel Johnston tribute album! The album was released out of respect for Daniel Johnston's music by Pauwel De Meyer. You can listen & even download the full album for free here: Pauwel De Meyer & Friends Sing Daniel Johnston.

28 Apr 2013

Meet Organized Happiness!

Organized Happiness brings easy listening for heavy rockers, a cure for chorophobics and doubts for suicide bombers. Rough intelligent pop with whooo's and haaa's without escaping an occasional mosh pit moment. Ceci n'est pas du pop!

22 Feb 2013

The Cowboy Angels on Radio 1!

Today Yurek Onzia (singer and frontman of The Cowboy Angels) appeared as a guest on the excellent radio show "Hautekiet" on Radio 1, about the sudden success of country in Flanders, the soundtrack of "The Broken Circle Breakdown" and other phenomena, such as of course, THE COWBOY ANGELS.

17 Feb 2013

Meet ZuleMax!

Girl Power... and you say Spice Girls, Lady Gaga or Madonna. But these shrews turn pale at the sight of these 12 fiery Latin ladies on stage! Real musical guerrilleras, and all this on the Cuban rhythms of the chachacha, guaguanco and salsa. Is it just me or is it hot in here?

16 Jan 2013

Capsule's latest album is CD of the week in P-magazine!

P-magazine rated the album 'Chronisch' 4 well deserved P-stars, ánd a nice review on top. Next!

01 Jan 2013

Meet Suburb Songs!

Sweet melancholic tones and a baritoned voice. You'll be in their trip faster than firing a sack of frozen Bieber-fans into a blackhole. Their latest single "Waiting For The Moon" is definitely radio worthy!

01 Jan 2013

Meet The Cowboy Angels!

The Cowboy Angels pay tribute to the visionary country soul pioneer Gram Parsons. During their show they will be your guides on a journey through Parsons’ extensive oeuvre, with poetic and spirited songs about love, lust, loss and heartbreak, a barrel full of flaming stories about sin and forgiveness.

01 Jan 2013

Meet The Soul Messiahs!

Stax, Motown, Hi Records, Chess and Atlantic's black soul and rhythm & blues, served as they did at the end of the 60's decade. The Soul Messiahs revive legends as Ike & Tina Turner, Otis Redding, The Young Rascals, Curtis Mayfield, Shuggie Otis, Spencer Davis Group, & Al Green. The Soul Messiahs, shake and holler you will!

01 Jan 2013

Meet Capsule!

A firm bassline and a good beat mixed with cartoon-jazz, vaudeville-pop, swamp blues and sci-fi, all laced with a strong dose of humor. So catchy it drives you pleasantly insane. Capsule has more excellent reviews than moons orbiting Jupiter. You will like this, and there's nothing you can do about it.

01 Jan 2013

Meet The Dump Brothers!

From acoustic street artists, till touring troubadours through Europe, to enhanced professional entertainers for bigger stages. This gang has enough european flavour to get your ass shaking like a warp reactor. You want a party? Go see the Dump Brothers.

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