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02 Nov 2016

Meet Bratzlavsky!

French from Ghent? Ça existe! Bratzlavsky is French pop-rock. At times very soft or very hard. Hard lyrics on soft melodies and vice versa, many double entendres, humour and strange moods...


29 Oct 2016

Eli Goffa plays support for Hooverphonic!

Also Hooverphonic and Tom Helsen chooses Eli Goffa as support act for their show, a choice they did not regret.

Read all about Eli Goffa...

26 Jul 2016

Meet Horse Antlers!

Originated from a bold, wayward approach to contemporary avant-rock which absented just far enough from the usual stoner clichés. Now, five years later, Horse Antlers produces a new sound where dark, energetic indie, with chaotic synths and cutting drums are the driving elements.


04 Apr 2016

Eli Goffa is support act for the new Bent Van Looy tour!

Mark your calendars for Pyjama Days, the new tour of Bent Van Looy. April 13th De Roma, April 14th Ancienne Belgique & April 15th Handelsbeurs. If that ain't off the hook, I don't know what is!

Read all about Eli Goffa...

08 Mar 2016

Meet Eli Goffa!

Eli Goffa, aka Elie De Prijcker, is a new project from this long-time habitué of The Human. Sweet Americana, roots & soul and a voice... Man, what a voice... Worn sounds and terrific song-writing is the recipe for this magnificent band. This is where words leave off and Eli Goffa takes over.


18 Nov 2015

Meet Les Cerveaux Lents!

This brain sextet from Ghent with musicians from Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre cherishes a passion for klezmer and gypsy music. Les Cerveaux Lents treads musical territory of Jewish sounds and other world music to a dash of jazz and own work.


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