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11 Oct 2017

The Depot recruits Eli Goffa as Artist in Residence!

Eli Goffa received the key of Het Depot's front door. Het Depot confirms hereby its trust in Eli Goffa as an artist. And so did we!

Read all about Eli Goffa...

01 Oct 2017

2 Meter Sessies with Tigre Blanco

For 2 Meter Session number #1592, Jan Douwe Kroeske invited Tigre Blanco. Shooting location was the home of the Tigers, the well known rock'n'roll Blue Collar Theater in Eindhoven.

Listen to the session here...

28 Sep 2017

Meet Steven Troch Band!

Hohner endorser Steven Troch is a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of some, sings like he means it, blows a badass harmonica and writes his own songs. Steven has amazed critics and audiences alike with his straight-ahead music and he's been noted for his own interpretations of blues material. Steven Troch Band is a solid 4 piece band that plays rough-edged traditional blues invested with soul-baring conviction.


16 Jun 2017

Meet Twan van Gerven!

Zappanian Jazz Fusion, strange rhythms, various scales, legato licks fast as water: shredlord Twan van Gerven shakes it all effortlessly out of his fingers. Awarded as Best Guitarist of the Netherlands in 2004. Now he brings his own work, Dutch X-Ing & Junk Dilemma, his own albums that give him nominations in the category best jazz/fusion/world guitarist Benelux.


21 Apr 2017

Eli Goffa support act Frances!

Sometimes dreams come true, Eli Goffa plays support for "Don't worry about me"-Frances in the Ancienne Belgique...

Read all about Eli Goffa...

09 Mar 2017

Meet Roza Parks!

We have a new band in the roster, Roza Parks, a dark 80's New Wave band, and yet this cheers us up. Because Roza Parks makes great music, has a nice tracklist and a great deal of potential. Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) is also convinced, he controlled the buttons of their first album 'Eleven is Nine' and their recently released EP 'Sound of a City' whose cover can be hung instantly on the wall. Also Stijn Meuris is a fan and took the band with him as support.


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