Trance Blues, Psychedelica

The Wild Century

As mysterious as this reverie comes to life, she continues to nurture into the deepest of your visions.
In a sitar-tuned cosmic dimension, harmonic basses and mantric rhythms pumps while the astrals project their ethereal grooves on everyone's lucidity.
By the succession of repetitive sounds, the sound waves become almost visually perceptible.
The view becomes misty, the body harmonizes with the tantric melodies, the consciousness fades.
Welcome in our trip. This is The Wild Century.




Willem Jongeneelen
OOR Magazine

"De beslissing deze vijf lange tracks - trips vaak - uiteindelijk toch op vinyl te persen bleek een uitmuntend idee. Als de opnames ergens tussen 1968 en 1973 vastgelegd waren, dan hadden we dat ook blind geloofd."





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