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John Clifton Blues Band - European summer tour 2017

West Coast Rhythm & Blues bluesharp giant John Clifton, frontman of the illustrious ànd notorious MoFo Party Band (the band that has always remained true to their name…) from Fresno, CA, is heading for Europe on a rare solo trip... And among the things to pack is his recent solo album, "Let Yourself Go" (Rip Cat Records, 2015), that's getting raving reviews amongst critics as well as concert goers in the USA.

John is bringing his 'home' blues band with him; consisting of Scott Abeytta on guitar, John Shafer on drums, & Mike Hightower on bass.

John is looking forward to seeing y'all again, and will welcome all offers for gigs between July 10 & August 15, 2017.
(Schedule & availabilities may vary upon demand)



John Clifton: vocals, bluesharp
Scott Abeytta: guitar
Mike Hightower: bass
John Shafer: drums



Rider on request

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Cascade Blues Assocation

"John Clifton may not be a name that instantly leaps to mind like many of the West Coast blues scene harmonica players, but maybe it's time it should be as he is right there with the best."

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
Mary4Music.com, "Let Yourself Go" review

"It doesn't matter how many times these west coast record companies go to the well that produces this "So cool, So Cal" sound because this well is obviously never running dry. The latest sharp looking, sharp sounding entity coming out of that pool is Rip Cat Records recording artist, John Clifton. From the start to the finish, these thirteen tracks are all worthy of praise."

Cascade Blues Association
"Let Yourself Go" review

"Clifton's songwriting takes a backseat to nobody. Intense at times and happy-go-lucky at others, John Clifton is a brilliant craftsman at putting together a song."


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