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The in 2015 founded Indie-Electro project Brooklyn is the brainchild of Tim Kermans. Together with colleague multi-instrumentalist Jan Eeckman who joined later, they grew up in the 80's, from where clearly audible fragments lingered in this project. Brooklyn combines influences from bands like Chvrches, SX, Oscar and the Wolf with a healthy dose of 80's. On top of the deep pseudo-electronic bass lines, atmospheric synth lines and a carefully selected presence of guitars creates a 'wall of sound'. Brooklyn recruited Emiline Eeckelaert as vocalist. She won the prize of the jury in the final of Kunstbende 2016 and also has an own repertoire as a singer-songwriter. Her rather fragile and frail angelic voice blends perfectly with the Brooklyn Atmosphere. Brooklyn live is a sextet where Tim and Jan administer the drums and synths. Besides Emiline they are supported by top musicians on bass and backing vocals.



Tim Kermans: drum, electronics, percussion, voice
Jan Eeckman: drum, electronics, guitar
Emiline Eeckelaert: voice
Kevin Van De Merlen: bass
Bouke Cools: guitar


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