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Howling wolves do bite

"Because I have to", as wilderwolves’ Rob Eelen put it. His music carries from great to everyday feelings, where the gut feeling comes on the first place. Not necessarily a new sound, but so much the more a topical voice without sloganesque truths, but instinctive nails on the head.

At the age of fifteen Eelen falls in love with the music of lo-fi songsmith Will Oldhams, known then under his alter ego Palace Music. The man can, without playing each note completely tight, bring a genuine rapture. It drives Rob Eelen, the writer-singer-guitarist-drummer behind wilderwolves to ensoul his first Indie four- track recordings. Over the years, he also takes the Americana from Jeff Tweedy, Matthew Ward and Howe Gelb eagerly into his sounds.

Eelens head fills with thoughts, fragments of conversations, images... Impressions which converts into sounds for Eelen. The rhythm determines his words and organizes his ideas into original, insightful reflections. It is this synesthesia that makes his music so interesting. No contrived grids, meandering lines of thoughts. Never pretentious.

Eelens sound is true and emotionally forthright. His self-titled debut album takes you on a journey with melancholic songs, sober and honest, which carry quite often a vicious, unexpected punch.. With sounds like chimeras and a DIY attitude Eelen had to take most of the instruments on his first record for his own account.

For the recordings, he could count on the help from Geert van Bever and some musical friends. The album will be released at Jesus Factory. Live, wilderwolves is a quintet with Thomas Noppe (Ow, Gore Slut), Alex Van Herk (Angels Die Hard), Aarn Van Severen (Strumpets) and Alain Rylant (Maxon Blewit, Eriksson/Delcroix). Rob Eelen also plays drums with Angels Die Hard and Strumpets.



Rob Eelen: guitar, vocals (Angels Die Hard, Strumpets, Black Denver)
Thomas Noppe: guitar (Angels Die Hard, Strumpets, Gore Slut)
Alex Van Herk: guitar (Angels Die Hard, Strumpets, Black Denver)
Aarn Van Severen: bass (Strumpets, Black Denver)
Alain Rylant: drums (Maxon Blewit, Eriksson/Delcroix)


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14 Feb 2016, 15:00
Stinstage, Leiesessies, Geluwe

02 Apr 2015, 21:00
Tsjaplin, Deurne

27 Feb 2015
Café Zeezicht, Antwerpen

03 Feb 2015
Stinstage, Avenue De Polka, Wevelgem

15 Nov 2014
Tournée Générale, Cultuurcafé Ter Vesten, Beveren

26 Jul 2014
Wisselfeesten, Kasterlee

29 May 2014
Waterputfestival, Lichtaart

10 Mar 2014
Chatleroi, Antwerpen

02 Mar 2014
Base Alpha Gallery, Antwerpen

17 Jan 2014
Café In Den Drietip, Tielen


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Bjorn Eriksson
Eriksson Delcroix

"Alleen op de baan, gevaarlijke manoeuvres, roekeloos rijgedrag omdat ik net niet bij het cd-mapje geraak, als ik het dan heb doe ik altijd hetzelfde; blindelings een cd kiezen... en als dan broeierige klanken, kabbelende pedalsteels en echo’s van giant sand hoor, grijns ik breed. Ja ik ben nu eenmaal een americana freak... bij track 7 neem ik mijn smartphone om te kijken wanneer ze eens live spelen, deze wilderwolves... damn, politie...”



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